Fat Cat – Brown/Black

Something’s uneven. Can you spot it? Hint: it’s uneven by a whisker. Or two. Here is a symmetry that’s asymmetry, with the negative area between the panels delineating the long nose. This assemblage of cat is in a classic silver, brown and black. A very witty kitty at a modest, not so wide 2 1/2 inches square.

Price: $150.00

(Images not to scale. Click on any image to see the actual pin or pendant size and other details.)

Bent Cat - Black pinBent Cat – Black$110

Radio Cat - Cream/Tortoise pinRadio Cat – Cream/Tortoise$150

Radio Cat Face - Ginger pinRadio Cat Face – Ginger$125

Criss Cross Cat - Brown/Silver pinCriss Cross Cat – Brown/Silver$110

Flying Cat - Blue/Green pinFlying Cat – Blue/Green$150

Tuxexo Cat - Blue/Green pinTuxedo Cat – Blue/Green$150

Tuxedo Cat - Silver/Caramel pinTuxedo Cat – SilverCarmel$150

Fat Cat - Brown/Black pinFat Cat – Brown/Black$150

Fat Cat Face - Brown/Black pinFat Cat Face – Brown/Black$125

Fat Cat - Blue/Green pinFat Cat – Blue/Green$150

Fat Cat Face - Blue/Green pinFat Cat Face – Blue/Green$125

Diamond dog face pinDiamond Dog Face$150

Unround Hound Square - Cream/Brown pinUnround Hound Square – Cream/Brown$150

Unround Hound Rectangle - Cream/Brown pinUnround Hound Rectangle – Cream/Brown$150

Unround Hound Square - Silver/Brown pinUnround Hound Square – Silver/Brown$150

Unround Hound Rectangle - Silver/Brown pinUnround Hound Rectangle – Silver/Brown$150

$5 from every Novodeco pin sold will alternately go to San Francisco's Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals and Pets Unlimited.

San Francisco SPCA logo As a non-profit that receives no government funds, San Francisco SPCA depends on a generous community of donors to care for dog and cat populations desperately in need. From nurturing the abused to finding homes for the neglected and many, many services in between, every penny of individual and corporate donations make all the difference. Contributions also support spaying/neutering, veterinary care, best-in-class behavior training, best-in-class adoption protocols and improving public policy in regards to pets.

Pets Unlimited logoPets Unlimited is a 24-hour Veterinary Center where a portion of every dollar helps support veterinary care programs and the Pets Unlimited Shelter and Adoption Center. This state-of-the-art Veterinary Center saves pets lives while generating critical funding to ensure that the cats and dogs living in the shelter are placed in healthy and loving homes. Hundreds of injured and abused cats and dogs are with us today only because of the generosity and volunteerism of community support.